In most countries, one of the media’s main purposes is to provide knowledge to the public. In the country of Haiti, the sole purpose of some is to feed their pockets. They use any instruments necessary to help the government bury information and feed the people a bunch of nonsense.

3EVWA which stands for a Third Voice is and independent news media. It is the voice that you do not really hear or read about in mainstream media. It is your voice. The voice that Haitians want to hear.

Nan pi fo peyi nan mond lan, principal role media yo se pou infome piblik li ak bon jan infomasyon. Nou tout konnen bo lakay, se pa janm sa. Olye de founi bon jan infomasyon, bo lakay nou we anpil fwa se jwet kouvri sa kap fet.

Se pou rezon sa nou ba on 3e vwa. 3evwa se vwa pa’w, se vwa ou ta renmen tande kousenan sa kap pase  Haiti