In many nations, the primary role of the media is to impart knowledge and provide accurate information to the public. However, in Haiti, there are those in the press whose singular aim appears to be to enrich themselves.

To fulfill this objective, they often employ any means necessary, aiding the government in suppressing information while feeding the populace with misleading narratives.

This is where 3EVWA comes into the picture. An acronym for ‘A Third Voice,’ 3EVWA represents an independent news medium.

It is the voice often missing or underrepresented in mainstream media; it is the voice of the people. It stands as the voice that Haitians are yearning to hear.

Nan pi fo peyi nan mond lan, principal role media yo se pou infome piblik li ak bon jan infomasyon. Nou tout konnen bo lakay, se pa janm sa. Olye de founi bon jan infomasyon, bo lakay nou we anpil fwa se jwet kouvri sa kap fet.

Se pou rezon sa nou ba on 3e vwa. 3evwa se vwa pa’w, se vwa ou ta renmen tande kousenan sa kap paseĀ  Haiti