Haitian Asylum Seeker Injuries helped earned awards in Canada

CBC journalists in Quebec grab set of honors from Canadian Organization of Reporters

Catou MacKinnon wins inaugural reconciliation honor, CBC Montreal team wins for quality in labour coverage

Quebec City press reporter Catou MacKinnon has actually won the inaugural APTN/CAJ Settlement Honor, created to “acknowledge the work of a non-Indigenous journalist whose coverage has broadened the understanding of the relationship between Native and also non-Indigenous peoples.”.

The group, which is composed of Verity Stevenson, Antoni Nerestant, Jaela Bernstien, Jessica Rubinger, Jean Philippe Robillard, Daniel Boily as well as Meeker Guerrier, informed the story of a Haitian asylum seeker recruited right into black-market work in a meat plant that endured a significant injury in a workplace mishap.

CBC Montreal’s examination into this Haitian asylum hunter’s experience after he was seriously injured while working without a license in a Montreal-area meat plant has gained the team the CAW Canada-CAJ award for excellence in work reporting. (Verity Stevenson/CBC).

CBC journalists in Montreal Canada and the town of Quebec have earned double honors for quality in reporting from the Canadian Associations of Journalists

Allegations of police persecution of Native people have actually gone nowhere, query listens to. Montreal authorities failed to signal values commissioner regarding claimed misconduct including Aboriginal individuals. SQ police officers disregard duplicated phone call to get rid of ‘solidarity’ icon from vests.

Innu woman calls for rural authorities to fire police officer involved in terrible run-ins. Inuk woman’s tell-tale botulism symptoms would have been taken seriously if she ‘d been white, says her widower. The shadowy globe of temp company work. A team of Montreal reporters has actually won the CWA Canada/CAJ Honor for Quality in Work Coverage, honouring reporting on the social, political and also financial variables that affect the labour setting in Canada.

Her reporting over the course of a number of months exceeded the testimony at the Viens Commission– the Quebec public questions employed reaction to allegations that susceptible First Countries ladies in Val-d’Or, Que., had actually been maltreated and also abused by rural police officers.

The bands, engraved with the number of the Val-d’Or detachment, were used to reveal uniformity with 8 colleauges put on hold over accusations of mistreating Indigenous females. (Émélie Rivard-Boudreau/Radio-Canada). CBC Montreal reported on a Haitian asylum hunter’s communication with a temperature company that recruited him to function under incorrect ID at a meat plant, where he was seriously harmed. The firm and also the plant were plundered by workplace health as well as security assessors after the record was released. (Accuracy Stevenson/CBC).

CBC Montreal reported on a Haitian asylum applicant’s interaction with a temperature company that hired him to function under incorrect ID at a meat plant, where he was seriously harmed. The firm and also the plant were robbed by work environment health and safety examiners after the record was published. (Verity Stevenson/CBC).
The CAJ honors recognize the best in investigative journalism across the country.

Catou Mackinnon reported on the rejection by rural police officers to stop using symbolic red bands which Native individuals claimed they perceived as “intimidation and justification.” The bands, inscribed with the number of the Val-d’Or detachment, were worn to reveal uniformity with 8 colleauges put on hold over accusations of maltreating Aboriginal ladies. (Émélie Rivard-Boudreau/Radio-Canada).
Check out highlights from Catou MacKinnon’s proceeding protection:.

Paolo’s tale showed how employers exploited voids in Quebec’s labour laws. The team’s report helps bring modifications to the legislation were introduced, and several government agencies, including Quebec’s workplace health and wellness board, released examinations as well as conducted raids on the business involved.

Earlier this year, Paolo was ultimately approved settlement for his injury. MacKinnon attached the dots between unnamed policemans and various accusations to track outcomes as well as find out what, if anything, happens to a police officer who breaches the police Code of Ethics.

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