Visit to Haiti by the under secretary will not move things

In a statement, the US embassy in Port-au-Prince says Under-secretary David Hale is in Haiti to discuss with leaders of the political sector, the private sector and civil society to come to dialogue and economic growth. David Hale, according to the statement, “urged the Haitian government to develop a long-term strategy to strengthen institutions, improve good governance and fight corruption”

“Haitians have suffered for too long from political instability, economic mismanagement and corruption. Political stability will attract economic growth and foreign investment. We congratulate the National Police of Haiti (PNH) for its professionalism, and we will continue to support it so that it can fulfill its mission,The US government is encouraging efforts to engage in inclusive and serious dialogue, and looks forward to having honest and transparent parliamentary and local elections in October that will help channel change through the ballot boxes and not by violence”

David Hale also met with Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant. Following his meeting with the Haitian authorities, David Hale also met on Friday with Senator Évalière Beauplan, who was appointed for this purpose by the democratic and popular sector to discuss with the Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Visit is a waste of time

The visit to Haiti by the US under Secretary of State for Political Affairs will not really move things in the right direction. Americans do not yet have a good understanding of the Haitian political crisis.

Mr David Hale will encourage dialogue while Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti, is the main obstacle to the attainment of the political dialogue. Is the dialogue possible with a Head of State who treated opposition leaders as drug traffickers?

Is the dialogue possible with a president that was mentioned in the Court of Audits for taking part in the squandering of the $ 4.2 billion #PETROCARIBE fund at a time when the realization of the PETROCARIBE trial represents one of the main demands of the Haitian population?

How is dialogue possible with a Head of State who, by presidential decree, appointed a committee to facilitate dialogue without having had the decency to consult the opposition, whereas the choice of the members of this structure should have been the result of a prior agreement?

Jovnel Moise must resign

For us in the Democratic and Popular Sector, the solution to the current political crisis depends first and foremost by the resignation of Moise. It is crucial that conditions are met for the start of the process. The organization of a sovereign National Conference to lay the foundations for the development of a new and prosperous Haiti which will address the issues of Haiti and its people.

These are the views of Andre Michel, a noticeable lawyer in Haiti who is also an opposition leader. Many people of Haiti share that same view. It was just yesterday that NouPapKonplis, a petrochallenger organization released its proposal which also asked for the resignation of Haiti’s president in order to resolve the current crisis.

NouPapKonplis proposal can be seen here

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