Haitian artists request for this year’s festivities in Haiti

A handful of artists sat down with the media on Thursday, February 28, 2019 to request that the Haitian government complete the Haitian fair that was booked for March 3, 4 and 5. The Haitian Artists said they have been prepared for half a month for the Haitian Carnival

Agents of Boukman Eksperyans, Rockfam, Brothers Posse, Zikòs, Kanpèch, Rèv, Mass Konpa, and some delegates of a few rara groups and others met the press to fix their positions on the annulation out of Carnival 2019. Saying they are prepared for the events, they requested that the Haitian leaders accept their obligations for the holding of this national occasion which was dropped.

Talking at this meeting, Théodore Beaubrun Junior, also known as Lolo of the famous group Boukman Eksperyans, said that the fair is a convention in Haitian culture, a snapshot of delight, and an enemy of stress that enables the Haitian people to dispose of the dissatisfactions of society, yet particularly an open door for various areas of national life to earn some cash. “We, the artists at this table today, are requesting the jubilee and we are in whole prepared to perform,” he said.

It isn’t Mimerose P. Beaubrun “Manzè” of Boukman Eksperyans who will say the inverse. “It’s a season, a period in the logbook. No one has the privilege to fill in as impairment to this event which is a treatment for the people. It’s additionally a period for us specialists, artists and people in general to exploit these exercises to profit, “she stated, taking note of that whatever the conditions, they will be in the city amid the three fat days.

As far as it matters to him, the vocalist of the group Kanpèch, Frédéric Pierre-Louis, better known as Fredo, uttered that the artists have devoted their lives to serenade the nation through their tunes, their meringues.

It’s all about the money

These artists intimidate by asking for accountability for celebration moneys if the country prevents its realization. It was the chance for them to blast the decision of the mayor of Port-au-Prince, who quickly followed Petion-Ville to nullify the carnival without referring the artists while the artists were already prepared for the events.

However, the artists declared that they will meet with the Minister of Culture and Communication, Jean-Michel Lapin, to plan the business of the carnival. Adding, they make an appointment to the media on Saturday, March 2, 2019, to converse the list of bands that will take part in a celebration parade in Port-au-Prince and in regional cities during the three day events.

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