Haiti money for corruptions

More money means more support for corruptions in Haiti.[quads id=1]

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) to put $229 million over 3years available to Haiti. We can already sense the grin in the faces of Jovenel Moise and his corrupt allies. The IMF just gave them more money to embezzle.
Even though they are not requesting that Haiti increase the price of gas like they did last year. That demand in 2018, nearly destroyed the country on July 6, 7 and 8.

Too late for more Haiti money

The economic situation in the country has reached its lowest point in years. The ones elected are not doing much to help either. Of course, this agreement with the IMF is not without compensation.

Same old Haiti money tactic

As it has done so many times in the past, the IMF has requested that the government of Haiti be a good kid in exchange for the interest free fund. It must promise that it will fight corruption. Yeah, right IMF, President Jovenel is a curator himself. How do you expect him to fight himself?

The government must establish good governance. This is another absurd joke. We are talking about Haiti here. The most vulnerable will not see a cent of that money. More money for PHTK and its crew to do what they have been doing in recent years.

With this agreement, Haiti has fresh money and clear support from the International Monetary Fund to continue in the same path that is destroying Haiti. I do not see how giving more incomprehensible money to a bunch of thieves will aid the country.

We saw this coming. The unsound supports for Jovenel Moise in recent days were for no reasons. I wonder if Haiti is really the sole beneficiaries of these funds. These people must be sightless. These are so called supporters of Haiti are aiding in destroying the country.

Pouring more money will never solve the systematic problem of Haiti. Haiti is a corrupt country. Most of its leaders are corrupt. It would be wiser for the IMF to help Haiti combating these thieves.

Today, it is just another day for Jovenel Moise. It is another dark day in Haiti just like the previous ones. The day will surely come. July 6th, 7th and 8th of 2018 gave us a peek. The real fight that will save this beloved land is soon to come.

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