President Jovnel and Ceant, your move

What is Ceant’s next move?

As he said in an interview, even President Jovenel will have to answer for PetroCaribes. Does Ceant have an agenda of his own? That is always the case in Haiti. The next man always claims to be better than the previous guy. When it is his turn, you see no difference.

President Jovenel is the weakest Haitian president in recent times. Is this the opportunity for Ceant to capitalize? Is this why Jovenel is trying to get rid of Ceant?

Henry Ceant next Haiti President!

Can that happen? Because of President Jovenel’s failures. Ceant stands a great chance of becoming the next leader of Haiti. Planned or unplanned, this is indeed a great chance for the prime minister of Haiti. To most Haitians, President Jovenel is a liar. He represents the worst.

This is the great chance of Ceant. The dishonest and immature President is dipping. The ship is about to sink in Haiti. A couple of weeks ago, it was Prime Minister Ceant that put an end to the 2 weeks long protests asking for president Jovenel’s head. He ensured the Petrochallengers on the streets that there will be a trial for those named in the report.

Guilty as charged

The political party PHTK’s name is all over the audit report released January 31 2019. This is the party of the current president Jovenel Moise. It is also the party of former president Martelly. To many, this party is a disgrace party.

Comphener S.A. and Agritrans are two private companies of Jovenel Moise. The name of both companies made it to the famous audit report. This is the worst position to be in as a leader. Jovenel was also indicted on charges of money laundering.

In many eyes, he was already guilty as charged. On a visit to Paris last year, Jovenel further inflicted more pain when he said that there would be no PetroCaribes trial while he is in office.

Cannot be trusted

He recently announced a commission to facilitate a dialogue that would bring an end to the current crisis in Haiti. That attempt is dead on arrival according to many. Two weeks before the announcement, he tagged the opposition leaders as drug dealers and criminals.

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