Another friend of Martelly under arrest on drug charges

Former Cayes/Iles-a-Vache Depute Jean Fenel Thanis is arrested on drug charges. Jean Fenel is first of all, the latest of Martelly’s close allies to be arrested for drugs in Haiti and elsewhere.

This happens two days after President of Kompa, Michel Martellly defiant Carnival parade in Aux Cayes. Arrest of Jean-Fenel Thanis, former MP Cayes / Iles-à-Vache (Platform PEYIZAN), for drug trafficking.

Hence, disgrace mayor of Cayes Gabriel Fortune was not wrong in 2014. This apprehension is the concrete proof that the country legal bandits are governing Haiti.

A friend of Martelly is definitely an ally of the selected president Jovnel Moise. We are above all, not sure if he will face a judge or not. We all know how the folks in Haiti do things.

Gabriel was not wrong in 2014

The Deputy of Les Cayes / Iles-à-Vache was the one that launched an appeal to the members of the Provisional Electoral Council. He cried foul on November 5, 2014. He was not happy with the way the CEP recruited BED and BEC members.

Legal bandits in action

Jean Fenel was a member of the 49th legislature under Michel Marttely regime. He was also,a Repons Peyizan deouty. The same banner that Martelly used in 2011.

The arrest followed the recent capture of Former Commissioner Innocent Jean Edinord. As a result, the Haitian government quickly sent Edinor to the United States of America on February 13th, 2019. At the time of the arrest, he had a USGPN uniform on. USGPN is a special unit that attached to Palais National for the protection of President Jovenel Moise.

DEA agents, jointly with Haitian agents, expelled Innocent Jean Edinord on February 13, 2019 on a special air plane.

The ex-commissioner was a in the business of drug transporting. They caught him on the borders of Pont Morin in Port Au Prince.

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