Justice for Haitians Victims of peaceful Protests.

UN calls on Paris to investigate “excessive use of force” against yellow vests

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Wednesday urged France to “thoroughly investigate” the police violence that has occurred during the Yellow Vest demonstrations since mid-November.

In a speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said that Yellow Vests are protesting against “what they consider ) exclusion of economic rights and (their) participation in public affairs “.

“We encourage the (French) government to continue the dialogue and urgently call for a thorough investigation of all reported cases of excessive use of force,” she added.

Justice for Haitians victims also

Ms. Bachelet recalled that inequalities affect all countries and that even in prosperous states. People feel excluded from the benefits of development and deprived of economic and social rights. She cited France as a prosperous country. She denounced the violent repression of recent protests in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Haiti.


The protesters “demand a respectful dialogue and real reforms. In many cases, the goverment used violent and excessive use of force. Also, there were arbitrary detentions, tortures and even reports of extra-judicial executions.

Constitutional rights to protest

Since the beginning of the Yellow Vest protest movement in France in mid-November, the Inspector General of the National Police (IGPN) has received about 100 cases of accusations of police violence. Twelve cases from Nord – Pas – de – Calais have been reported to the United Nations.

Several demonstrators claim to have been injured by launcher shots of defense (LBD), a weapon that arouses controversy in France.

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